Stepped profile – for highly adherent products

Stepped profile – patented solution for highly adherent products

Due to the huge success, MULTIPOND is once again showcasing its solution for fully-automatic weighing of sticky products, such as fresh or marinated meat, poultry and fish. In doing so, the company is underlining its position as the leading provider of product-specific solutions for multihead weighers.

The automated handling of such products presents major challenges, and this often leads to such products having to be weighed manually as before. However, the patented innovation from MULTIPOND offers an easy-to-clean automation solution that is gentle on the product.

Based on a special feed tray surface profile and the radially arranged distribution cones, the product conveying characteristics of the weigher are considerably improved and controlled feeding is now possible even with products that are difficult to convey. The stepped profile minimizes the contact surface between the product and cone and/or feed tray surface, which leads to lower product adherence. Consequently, this “simple” yet extremely effective solution does not require any additional equipment such as screw conveyors to control the conveying of such products. As a result, the product is not exposed to any additional mechanical influences, except for the usual vibration from the feed trays. The major advantage of this surface technology for weighing poultry, meat, fish, surimi and diverse convenience food components has been successfully proven repeatedly and supported by customers.

The solution is equally suitable for the strict hygiene requirements in the food industry, because of the fact that no additional equipment is required to convey the product. Both the distribution cone and the feed tray follow the concept in regard to the design and accessibility of a regular MULTIPOND multihead weigher and are provided only with a patented surface structure. All product-carrying parts can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning and maintenance without the use of tools.