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Custom machine construction at the highest level
to suit your requirements

Our strengths – special solution

Every project has specific requirements and calls for customized technology, from the product feed to finding a suitable weighing system, all the way through to handoff and other peripheral equipment. Our long-standing expertise in the food industry and in project management makes us a supplier of special machines for the weighing sector.

A standard weigher is rarely the solution

We offer a number of options that are structured from our “basic range”:

  • Memory weighers for high performance and mixing applications
  • Systems with the option of a single variety reject for mixing applications
  • Mobile combination weighers are ideal for frequent product and location changes
  • Semi-automatic linear multihead weighers for optimally weighing products that are difficult to feed in exactly the right quantities

Multihead weighers suspended from the ceiling by chain hoists create more free space on the floor and allow the weigher to be moved to a cleaning position

Special solution for weighing and distributing ingredients for pizzas and convenience foods

The SAR is used as an expansion to a conventional multihead weigher and ensures that small ingredients such as fresh spices, sachets of sauce or other extras are added in exactly the correct weight

Your individual product – our “standard”

No matter whether you want to weigh – and then pack – confectionary, vegetables, frozen foods, fresh products such as cheese or meat, mixtures or non-food articles, our worldwide team will make every effort to find with you an optimum and tailored packing solution. Extensive test runs with the original products are a matter of course, as is integrating the customer into our developer teams.

Our customized weighing systems from tried and proven modules and newly developed components are the key to success.

Optimally equipped –
our individual expansions

Special requirements call for special solutions – whether for process safety, hygiene or internal quality standards, MULTIPOND offers exactly the right equipment for every multihead weigher.

Other technologies

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