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Multihead Weighers from Multipond

Thanks to our long-standing know-how and core expertise in weighing, conveying and distribution, we are able to develop, engineer and supply an optimum solution for every product. Cost-efficiency, top quality and availability set our customized systems apart.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to weigh and pack confectionery, vegetables, frozen foods, seafood or fresh products such as cheese or meat, snacks, cereals or non-food items, our global team will do everything to find the optimal and individual packaging solution for you. In the food industry, our multihead weighers are an absolute competitive advantage.
Extensive test runs with your products are a matter of course, also the involvement of the customer in our development teams.
Our tailor-made weighing systems are made up of modules that have been tried and tested in practice and newly developed components are the key to success.

Our solutions to meet your requirements

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Our corporate strategy is based on 4 factors: efficiency, quality, precision and usability. These factors shape our developments and the standards we set ourselves. Because you are not just our customer, you are our partner too. We work with you to devise concepts, develop solutions and realize installations. Our project management and aftersales service teams will support you throughout your system’s useful life.

“With phenomenal speed and the highest possible accuracy, MULTIPOND has advanced in a sector where physics is about to reach its limits. It was indeed difficult to find suitable form fill seal machines that could meet these performance requirements.”

Herbert Mederer, owner and Managing Director at Mederer

How is a MULTIPOND multihead weigher structured?

Distribution cone
The product arrives on the distribution cone via the feeding system.

Feed tray
The product is first fed to the prefeed hoppers on the radially arranged feed trays.

Prefeed hopper
The prefeed hopper is filled with product by the feed tray and transfers pre-fed partial portions to the weigh hopper.

Weigh hopper
The weigh hopper is filled with the partial portions from the prefeed hopper. The partial portion is weighed in the weigh hopper.

The heart of the weigher – where all the electronic components and software are located.

After the weighing process, the weighed portions are transferred to the funnel by the chutes.

The accurately weighed portions are passed to the product transfer system or to the packaging machine directly by the funnels.

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