Service as you
need it

Optimum and efficient supply of spare parts
to ensure trouble-free operation

Spare parts and information available for you at all times

No matter whether your weigher is placed under severe strain or used continuously – this can take its toll even on a MULTIPOND product. We offer a range of genuine MULTIPOND spare parts that allow you to maintain the efficiency and quality of your systems. You can order these parts 24/7 from our electronic spare parts catalog (EETK).

The ETTK shows you customized and machine-specific spare part configurations. Our EETK also gives you the option of downloading important documents such as declarations of conformity or instructions. And you can save instructions, declarations of conformity or even customer-specific documents so you have access to them at all times. We guarantee that all the item information you receive is up-to-date and a spare part availability of 20 years after the purchase date. Your spare parts are just one click away – use our electronic spare parts catalog to manage your spare parts inventory now.

Benefits of our spare parts catalog

Around the clock

Find information and order items online 24/7


Up-to-date and detailed item information at all times


Customer-specific document management system

How to gain access to the electronic spare parts catalog:

Once you have purchased your weigher, we prepare instructions, spare parts and documents tailored to your particular weigher. We then send you a link with your access data for the EETK, where everything will be waiting for you.

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