MOBi with MP Utility app

MOBi with MP Utility app

Thanks to its adequate resistance, the “MOBi” mobile HMI is is ideal for use in production. The industrial tablet can withstand even a fall height of 1.2 meters or extreme temperatures of -10° C to 50° C.

Weighing just 860 g and measuring 268 x 178 x 14 mm, the tablet sold by MULTIPOND is especially easy to carry and use. The IP67-certified mobile device also offers extremely reliable protection against dust, dirt and can even be briefly immersed in liquids.

The “MOBi” mobile HMI complete solution with the proprietary MP Utility app makes our weighing systems even easier to operate and monitor. We offer, for example, maximum flexibility in the selection of end devices. The app is supported by Windows and Android devices from Version 7. A whitelist of tested Android devices can be found below. The app is based on the “mputility” protocol, which is already supplied with the weighing system as a service tool. The MiRO module is required for certain functions.

Release v0.1.6 contains the following functions:


  • Available in German and English (other languages on request)
  • Quick access to all available devices via the device list
  • Access to MULTIPOND devices outside of the local network (MiRO module)
  • Simple view of long-time statistics, logfiles and the user manual


  • Dashboard for monitoring all weighers in the same subnetwork
  • All MULTIPOND devices grouped together
  • Groups merged into lines
  • Listing and connection to MULTIPOND-WLAN networks nearby (MiRO module)