Automatic &
precise counting

Individually counted products –
Not a problem for MULTIPOND

Our strengths – precise counting

Automatic, precise and fast counting is a prerequisite in many sectors. Whether earplugs, electrodes, washing machine tablets or even lollipops that need to be precisely counted, the count function is configured on all MULTIPOND multihead weighers. Need to weigh pieces individually? Not a problem for MULTIPOND. The reject function makes it possible to exclude any overfills of individual hoppers from the weighing process sorted by type.

The benefits of MULTIPOND to you

  • True to quantity even with the lightest weights
    Defined quantities can be achieved, even with the lightest weights
  • Intelligent software solution
    The software tracks piece weight changes and automatically counteracts them. The identification of “unsuitable items” in the form of defective parts prevents incorrect mixtures and ensures a precise product pattern.
  • Weight and number
    The mean value is continuously checked, even when the count function is activated. Count and mixture modes can be configured in the programs at the same time.
  • Individual dump option
    Our special variations with reject function allow individual dumps without cycle losses and with the discharge of overweights sorted by type

Our weighers in action

Take a look at the projects we have already implemented and see for yourself. From cereals to confectionery – benefit from the experience and knowledge we have developed over decades.

Optimally equipped –
Our individual expansions

Special requirements call for special solutions – whether for process safety, hygiene or internal quality standards, MULTIPOND offers exactly the right equipment for every multihead weigher.

Other technologies

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