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Product optimally fed to the weigher

Tailored, powerful, gentle on the product – MULTIPOND cross head feeders

You get more than just a multihead weigher from MULTIPOND. Our core expertise comprises both the weighing technology and also the process technology before and after the weighing process. Depending on the nature of the product, the MULTIPOND project team works with your to configure the cross head feeders to guarantee optimum feeding and distribution of the product to the weigher and hence a high degree of efficiency. The conveying troughs can be equipped with fines or sugar deposition, water separation or noise reduction features in order to meet product-specific requirements.

Cross head feeders from MULTIPOND – the benefits to you

  • Perfectly matched to your requirements
    Dimensions, surface finishes or special versions are perfectly matched to your requirements:
    • Dimensions:The cross head feeder can be produced in a number of versions to meet the different throughput requirements
    • Surface finish: Depending on product composition, MULTIPOND can choose from a number of different surface finishes to systematically influence the conveying properties.
    • Special version: Cross head feeder troughs can be equipped with fines deposition or sugar deposition, water separation or noise reduction features in order to meet product-specific requirements.
  • Short cleaning times
    Thanks to our hygienic design, our cross head feeders can be removed without tools for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Rugged construction
    Our cross head feeders are constructed in such a way that even ambient temperatures from -10°C to +40°C present no problem at all.
  • Control directly from weigher

“MULTIPOND was on hand to assist and advise us throughout the entire project. MULTIPOND’s tremendous wealth of experience, including with the most difficult products, made a significant contribution to the optimal design of the overall lines.”

Stijn Siongers, owner and Managing Director at Sivafrost

Our cross head feeders in action

Take a look at the projects we have already implemented and see for yourself. From cereals to confectionery – benefit from the experience and knowledge we have developed over decades.


Our corporate strategy is based on 4 factors: efficiency, quality, precision and usability. These factors shape our developments and the standards we set ourselves. Because you are not just our customer, you are our partner too. We work with you to devise concepts, develop solutions and realize installations. Our project management and aftersales service teams will support you throughout your system’s useful life.

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