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Social Media | Special S5 System20231206165541
6. December 2023

Social Media | Special S5 System

Storage hopper and weighing hopper, typical of every MULTIPOND multihead weigher. Now, what do we find in the ...
Social Media | Ready Meal20231110075616
10. November 2023

Social Media | Ready Meal

Ready meals are becoming increasingly popular, and the market is steadily expanding. Efficient and accurate we...
Social Media | Weighing of dumplings20230920075408
20. September 2023

Social Media | Weighing of dumplings

What looks like potatoes at first glance, are actually dumplings. Bread dumplings with semolina - as it is eat...
Social Media | Hygienic Design20230905075145
5. September 2023

Social Media | Hygienic Design

Hygienic design down to the smallest detail - one of our Greek customers particularly appreciates this. 🙌...
MULTIPOND – Custom tailoring for your weighing systems20230504172522
Press Release
4. May 2023

MULTIPOND – Custom tailoring for your weighing systems

MULTIPOND Wägetechnik GmbH serves the food and non-food industry by drawing on decades of expertise. The focus...
Social media | Weighing cannabis20220214154902
14. February 2022

Social media | Weighing cannabis

PRECISION MEETS PROFIT – The market for #cannabis products is evolving...
Social Media | Weighing of mussels20220203075932
3. February 2022

Social Media | Weighing of mussels

#Weigh and pack mussels automatically: In the past, the mussels from...
Social media | Weighing cannabis20211210094145
10. December 2021

Social media | Weighing cannabis

There is a lot going on in our technical center this week: In addition to numerous tests for #weighing #cannab...
Stepped profile – for highly adherent products20211105103617
5. November 2021

Stepped profile – for highly adherent products

Due to the huge success, MULTIPOND is once again showcasing its solution for fully-automatic weighing of stick...
Continuous product transfer system20211101103640
Press Release
1. November 2021

Continuous product transfer system

MULTIPOND consistently implements trend towards motorized drives in its product transfer system...
Social Media | Happy Halloween20211031113400
31. October 2021

Social Media | Happy Halloween

Happy #Halloween! Of course, we can also weigh #seasonal products...
Social Media | Health management20211028151407
28. October 2021

Social Media | Health management

As part of our company health management, Mr. Schmiede from our contractual partner, ...
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