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An employer with prospects20240513102918
Press Release
13. May 2024

An employer with prospects

ATOMA-MULTIPOND als Arbeitgeber. Gemeinsam mit unseren Tochtergesellschaften in Großbritannien, Amerika, Frank...
Internal sales employee (f/m) in the Netherlands20240321145545
21. March 2024

Internal sales employee (f/m) in the Netherlands

Multipond Benelux B.V. expands. The structural growth in demand for our multihead weighers requires an expansi...
Social Media | Weighing of raspberries20240318161608
18. March 2024

Social Media | Weighing of raspberries

Even in freezing temperatures, MULTIPOND delivers what it promises: the best possible performance and maximum ...
Social Media | fines deposition20240127153843
27. January 2024

Social Media | fines deposition

Precise weighing is crucial for high-value products. ☝️However, a few preparations should be made before the p...
Social Media | Special S5 System20231206165541
6. December 2023

Social Media | Special S5 System

Storage hopper and weighing hopper, typical of every MULTIPOND multihead weigher. Now, what do we find in the ...
Social Media | Ready Meal20231110075616
10. November 2023

Social Media | Ready Meal

Ready meals are becoming increasingly popular, and the market is steadily expanding. Efficient and accurate we...
Social Media | Weighing of dumplings20230920075408
20. September 2023

Social Media | Weighing of dumplings

What looks like potatoes at first glance, are actually dumplings. Bread dumplings with semolina - as it is eat...
Social Media | Hygienic Design20230905075145
5. September 2023

Social Media | Hygienic Design

Hygienic design down to the smallest detail - one of our Greek customers particularly appreciates this. 🙌...
MULTIPOND – Custom tailoring for your weighing systems20230504172522
Press Release
4. May 2023

MULTIPOND – Custom tailoring for your weighing systems

MULTIPOND Wägetechnik GmbH serves the food and non-food industry by drawing on decades of expertise. The focus...
Social media | Weighing cannabis20220214154902
14. February 2022

Social media | Weighing cannabis

PRECISION MEETS PROFIT – The market for #cannabis products is evolving...
Social Media | Weighing of mussels20220203075932
3. February 2022

Social Media | Weighing of mussels

#Weigh and pack mussels automatically: In the past, the mussels from...
Social media | Weighing cannabis20211210094145
10. December 2021

Social media | Weighing cannabis

There is a lot going on in our technical center this week: In addition to numerous tests for #weighing #cannab...
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