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Evacuation Ring – Our solution for separating fines

A packet of sugar-coated jelly products, but with a lot of loose sugar? Nobody wants that. MULTIPOND has developed a solution for the deposition of fines or sugar when weighing sugar-coated or salted products using a multihead weigher. The aim is to achieve the best possible seal quality at high speed.

The ideal solution for weighing sugar-coated, jellied sweets. The process separates the fines and funnels them out of the system through specially designed outlets at the end of the feed trays. This sugar is passed through the outlets to a rotating ring, the evacuation ring, and drawn off by a vacuum. The multihead weigher works according to the tried and tested system and is not affected by this process. This solution can also be retrofitted on existing machines, rounding out the range of available products.

Advantages of the evacuation ring

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No loose fines in the packaging

Process safety

Clean sealed seams on the packaging machines

Costs reduced

by avoiding downtimes

Process costs

Fines can be discharged in the weigher directly

Other ways of depositing fines:

Fines deposition to
cross head feeders

The use of cross head feeders with a fines deposition function is the ideal solution for packaging products with troublesome small particles. The fines are funneled out of the system by means of specially-developed inserts in the trough of the cross head feeder. The inserts must be designed to match the product.

Dry products –
packed without dust

As they are weighed and packed, products such as cereals, soup ingredients, powders and granulates whirl up a huge amount of dust that deposits in the systems. To increase the overall system efficiency (GEA), MULTIPOND has developed special dust enclosures for complete weighers, product transfer systems and timing hoppers.

  • Dust prevented from depositing in the packaging machine
  • Improved air quality in working and operating areas
  • Costs saved through less cleaning effort

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The evacuation ring in use

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