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Maximum control means
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Metal detector check – process control at the highest level

Process safety and quality play a key role in food production. It must be absolutely guaranteed that no foreign bodies whatsoever find their way to the end customer, as this would pose a high health risk for consumers and an economic risk for the producer. One way of detecting foreign bodies in the packaging is to integrate metal detectors at defined checkpoints. For many of our customers, this is already part of a packaging line. Checking metal detectors by hand and recording the results in writing are time consuming processes and reduce the productivity of the packaging line.

To solve the problem, MULTIPOND offers an automated metal detector check. MULTIPOND has developed an in-weigher system for checking metal detectors. The metallic test specimens are fed into the product flow automatically and at regular intervals. The weighing system software controls and logs the entire dumping and test process in a way that protects the results from manipulation. The magazine fill level is monitored by optical sensors. Manual errors are eliminated and maximum process reliability is achieved.

Advantages of the automatic metal detector check

Costs and time saved

by avoiding downtimes

Increased process safety

through automation

Semi-automated testing process


Automatic logging

Logged test results cannot be manipulated


for all MULTIPOND systems

Costs minimized over the long term

The computation below shows how an automated metal detector check is worthwhile in the long run:


  • 3 tests per day
  • Saving of 2 minutes per day
  • Production on 220 days per year
  • Downtime reduction of 22 hours per year
    (6 minutes per day)
  • Downtime costs: 1,000 € per hour and line

Total downtime costs:

22,000 € per year (100 € per day)


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