Social media | Weighing cannabis

Social media | Weighing cannabis

PRECISION MEETS PROFIT – The market for #cannabis products is evolving rapidly. For this reason we have developed #weighing and #filling units as concrete solutions for weighing cannabis: the new #high-precision solution from #MULTIPOND.

With the fully automatic #feeding, weighing and filling unit, MULTIPOND offers a tamper-proof system. Product protection, minimal give-away and „easy-to-operate“ are the focus. There is also an integrated pre- and post-weighing device that continuously checks the weighed weight.

That sounds really interesting doesn’t it? Together with Daniel from Filmfabrik Stangl we are working on a new video about this system, and you can find out all the important information about it in an interview with our Area Sales Manager Philipp Kapser.

So follow us and stay tuned! As soon as the #video is finished, we will of course share it with you!

#multihead_weigher #innovation