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MULTIPOND offers you the
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The basis of our success

Our solutions are based on 4 factors: precision, quality, efficiency and usability. These factors shape our developments, our actions and the standards we set ourselves.


Each and every requirement calls for a special solution without compromise. Weighing technology can perform to its best only if the solution is precisely tailored to the task at hand.

  • Solutions for niche products
  • Adaptable and robust at extreme temperatures and atmospheric humidity
  • Solutions for low ceiling heights
  • Extreme flexibility – precisely tailored to the conditions and requirements of the production facility
  • Gentle weighing of fragile products
  • The right surface (textured plate, special Teflon coating) for every product


Accuracy is key to weighing technology. We constantly develop and refine our weighers so we can offer our customers the most accurate and productive weigher on the market.

  • Fully automated calibration in every load cell
  • Use of memory hoppers increases the number of possible combinations – the basis of maximum accuracy and speed
  • Modifying the parts to suit specific products means even the most difficult products can be weighed, with no compromise on performance


MULTIPOND solutions are set apart by economy, high standards and top quality, worldwide availability. Long-standing knowledge and expertise in design, production, software development and assembly are key to being able to offer benefits in terms of quality.

  • Reliable weigher function crucial to achieving consistent production quality
  • Reliability and availability of installed components
  • High vertical integration and reserve in component dimensioning for low-cost, sustainable weighing system operation
  • Concentrated knowledge and wealth of experience
  • Flexible approach to weigher software


The MULTIPOND name stands for unsurpassed quality. For the weighers and also for the service activities. Because tailored products need services to match: whether advice, training or a supply of spare parts. We remain at your service even after the project is complete.

  • Straightforward weigher operation
  • Easy cleaning (parts easy to remove without tools)
  • Professional support
  • Local, fast supply of spare parts
  • Average spare part costs less than 1% of the acquisition value

Our technologies

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