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When it comes to weighing his high-quality products, Technical Manager Uwe Grünemeyer relies solely on the multihead weighing systems from MULTIPOND.


Before the company acquired this system, the small mozzarella balls (piece weight: 7.5 to 8.5 grams) were placed in their trays by means of a counting system. They were unable to be packed by precise weight. The cheese producer once again turned to MULTIPOND to solve the problem. A further combination weighing system for optimizing the mozzarella balls line in the factory in Cham, Switzerland was acquired.


An MP 1601-FFC-S5 type 16-head memory weigher was installed by the experienced MULTIPOND engineers. The extremely tough hygiene requirements, especially in the soft cheese sector, played a key role. Therefore, the weigher had to be designed and constructed according to Goldsteig's precise specifications. Bacteria-prone zones such as vibrators, prefeed hoppers and weigh hoppers were afforded special merit and built in accordance with Goldsteig's requirements. The product-carrying parts, chutes and funnels were further optimized in order to achieve the required output of up to 4 x 40 weighings per minute.


Goldsteig – a young company with a name rich in tradition. Within just a few years of being established in 1992, the company had developed into one of Europe's largest mozzarella manufacturers and a major manufacturer of hard, sliced and soft cheese. The three factories situated in the Bavarian Forest process around two million liters of raw milk every day.

"Having solutions that are precisely tailored to the conditions and requirements of our production facility is extremely important to us. That's how we know we are in the right hands with MULTIPOND. After all, the conditions differ from production plant to production plant. In case of problems, we contact the specialists at MULTIPOND and get the perfect solution within the shortest possible time."

Uwe Grünemeyer, Technical Manager

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"The company's multihead weighers offer the flexibility we need to meet the ever-increasing requirements of our time. MULTIPOND has always been one step ahead in this regard."

Jacques Dominici, owner of Fromager Savoyard Sas

"All over the world, the MULTIPOND brand stands for quality at the highest level. All our experience in the past has been good, and so MULTIPOND was our first choice from the word go."

Gunter Löffler, Project Engineer at Unilever

"We have never had problems with the multihead weighers from MULTIPOND, they weigh just as precisely now as they did on the very day they were installed."

Stephan von Melle, Technical Manager, Brüggen