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The booming Mexican economy on the one hand and the ongoing shortage of skilled workers in the region on the other has forced the company to further automate its production facility. And so a new line for the fully automated weighing and packing of fresh or dried jalapeño peppers is to be procured.


The coastal region climate presents a huge challenge for implementing this kind of project: extremely high temperatures of up to 46°C prevail during production – and the salty sea air also plays a key role. When purchasing new systems, proprietor Rodrigo Sainz Trapaga therefore sets great store by the robustness of their individual components.


So when it came to the multihead weigher, MULTIPOND was the obvious choice. MP-22-1000-400-J type weighing system is used. The jalapeños, either fresh or dried, smoked and preserved in water, are conveyed to the platform by inclined conveyors. Once at the top, the product is fed to the weigher by a MULTIPOND cross head feeder. The cross head feeder has been designed with a liquid separation system for discharging excessive liquid ahead of the weighing process.


The history of Empacadora del Golfo de México dates back to the 1940’s when a group of traders bought the small Mexican company. Today, the family-managed company with its 430 employees is among Mexico’s leading food producers and enjoys great popularity all over the world. It is well known for its local chipotles, 50 % of all products are exported.

“The robust construction of the systems is absolutely unique on the market, nothing that any other manufacturer has been able to offer us comes anywhere close.”

Rodrigo Sainz Trapaga, owner

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“Having solutions that are precisely tailored to the conditions and requirements of our production facility is extremely important to us. That’s how we know we are in the right hands with MULTIPOND. After all, the conditions differ from product to product. If problems occur, we contact the specialists at MULTIPOND and get the perfect solution within the shortest possible time.”

Gunter Löffler, Project Engineer, Unilever

“We have been working with various multihead weigher suppliers for years. MULTIPOND will be at the very top of our list from now on.”

Massimiliano Giovannetti, Technical Manager of Madi Ventura

“The simple user interface means our employees are able to operate the MULTIPOND weighers in no time at all. This gives us an important advantage. The machines offer incredible reliability.”

Sam Mos, Head of Production at Vezet