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Around 220 million bags are filled with products every year; approx. 180 million of these bags are supplied to the Albert Heijn supermarket chain in the Netherlands. The company has high ambitions – its aim is to increase the number of bags across the company to over 300 million bags within the next 5 years. It plans to achieve this aim by adding new capacity and automating processes even further.


The installed line is for bowls that are filled with various ready-to-eat salads consisting of one main ingredient, such as salads leaves or cooked pasta for example, and several salad toppings such as shrimps, chicken, mozzarella, olives, pineapple and mandarins or even pieces of beef and baked egg. The target weights are between 10 and 150 grams, depending on the product. The line consists of six filling points in total, three of which are automated and another three that have to be filled by hand.


The three weighing systems are an MP 14-3800/1250-H type 14-head multihead weigher for weighing the main ingredients and two MP 10-1000/400-H type 10-head weighers that add the toppings. The weighing systems were positioned above the ceiling, while the funnels were built directly into the ceiling. In a final step, a 3-track product transfer system developed specifically for this application distributes the prepared servings into the bowls.


Vezet is one of the largest fruit and vegetable processing companies in the Netherlands and leads the market in freshly chopped, ready-to-cook vegetables. Vezet's state-of-the-art vegetable chopping facility comprises around 250 different products. The family-owned business aims to be the best and most progressive innovator and producer, and also the most popular supplier of pre-washed and chopped fruit and vegetables.

"The simple user interface means our employees are able to operate the MULTIPOND weighers in no time at all. This gives us an important advantage. The machines offer incredible reliability."

Sam Mos, Production Manager

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"We have been working with various multihead weigher suppliers for years. MULTIPOND will be at the very top of our list from now on."

Massimiliano Giovannetti, Technical Manager of Madi Ventura

"The system runs without problems. Thanks to the ruggedness and high reliability of the systems, we need as good as no support from service."

Dirk de Beer, Managing Director, de Beer GmbH & Co. KG

"The robust construction of the systems is absolutely unique on the market, nothing that any other manufacturer has been able to offer us comes anywhere close."

Rodrigo Sainz Trapaga, owner of Empacadora