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  • Flexible product separation in the area of ​​the infeed – Product mixes that are accurate to the recipe start with the correct design of the infeed and segment separation. Depending on the number of components, MULTIPOND adjusts each sector (distribution plate and troughs) individually to the goods to be weighed. This ensures that the products are correctly dispensed.
  • Precision – Check the built-in calibration weights and check – automatically during the production process – the load cells for their accuracy and function. An important aspect when weighing small quantities and expensive components.
  • Dust protection – MULTIPOND offers a range of enclosures and evacuators to reduce or even completely avoid unwanted dust deposits and fines in the packaging process.
  • Hygiene requirements – MULTIPOND consistently fulfils this aspect on all of its multihead weighers and components in the shape of its Hygienic Design. This leads to simplified, shorter cleaning processes, improves safety, increases line efficiency and saves costs.

“Having solutions that are precisely tailored to the conditions and requirements of our production facility is extremely important to us. That’s how we know we are in the right hands with MULTIPOND.”

Gunter Löffler, Project Engineer, Unilever

Our weighers in action

Take a look at the projects we have already implemented and see for yourself. From pasta to frozen broccoli – benefit from the experience and knowledge we have developed over decades.

“Our customers demand the highest possible quality and complete reliability. We can only guarantee this by going for the best systems available. Good reason, then, to rely on MULTIPOND when it comes to multihead weighers.”

Stijn Siongers, owner and Managing Director

The support from the company and its local agent is easy and straightforward.”


“The system runs without problems. Thanks to the ruggedness and high reliability of the systems, we need as good as no support from service.”

Dirk de Beer, Managing Director

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