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  • Hygiene – The experience and knowledge that MULTIPOND has built up over decades in the food industry not only meet the highest hygiene standards, but also guarantee food safety, simplified cleaning processes and reduced downtimes during production.
  • ARGUS – The patented camera system enables controlled, piece-specific filling of the weighing container. The optimization of the product flow results in shorter dosing times and fewer overfills and, associated with this, a greater variety of combinations. This results in higher performance, higher accuracy and a reduced giveaway for the customer.
  • Product protection thanks to the patented step profile – Our specially developed surface profile does not require any additional equipment for the controlled conveyance of meat, such as screw conveyors. Apart from the usual vibration of the dosing channels, the product is not exposed to any additional mechanical influences.
  • Special surface profile for fast and easy cleaning – In contrast to the auxiliary equipment offered by the competition in the meat sector, our MULTIPOND multihead weighers are additionally equipped with a patented surface structure. All product-carrying parts can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning and maintenance without the use of tools.
  • Extremely robust and long service life – The unique construction and hygienic design of our weighers ensure a long service life.

“The accuracies are incredible, the investment has paid off in a very short time. The fully-automated calibration was another great plus in our purchasing decision.”

Valdas Keršys, Maintenance Manager, KG Group

Our weighers in action

Take a look at the projects we have already implemented and see for yourself. From poultry to meatballs to diced ham – benefit from the experience and knowledge we have developed over decades.

“We started out with a used machine from MULTIPOND, which exceeded our expectations. So there was every reason to approach MULTIPOND for a second machine. The machine ran smoothly from the very first day, which is why the choice fell to MULTIPOND again for the next machine.”

Mikael Andersson, Technician Manager, Öresundschark

“The short pathways and efficient processes at MULTIPOND were a great help in getting the project implemented. Drawing on its long-standing experience in weighing the most difficult products, the company was able to advice us.

Valdas Keršys, Maintenance Manager

“The system runs without problems. Thanks to the ruggedness and high reliability of the systems, we need as good as no support from service.”

Dirk de Beer, Managing Director

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