Applications include dog and cat foods and treats, fish food, bird seeds, horse biscuits and treats just to name a few. These products range from dry and dusty to moist and sticky and also include extruded and injection molded shaped products. MULTIPOND has provided equipment to run very small fills, accurate counts to bulk bags including mixing products through the weighing system.

MULTIPOND's strengths - your benefits:

  • Customized solutions for grainy, free-flowing products
  • Double locking of the weigh hopper prevents the pressing of the hopper flaps in case of high portion weights
  • Product-specific surfaces of all product contact parts - perfectly matched to your unique product
  • High speeds and high accuracy
  • Automatic load cell spanning and calibration using certified integrated calibration weights
    • Maximum accuracy over the life of the equipment with no manual calibration required
    • Highly advanced self diagnostic capability