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When it comes to weighing products, Herbert Mederer, owner and Managing Director, relies solely on weighing systems from MULTIPOND: "It could be said that we are a "pure form" business. Good support in terms of service and engineering, first-class reliability and system availability translate into a total package, which makes for a good partner."


The company relies on innovation not only for production – the production facility in Hagenow, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany, is ranked among the world's most advanced production plants in this sector.
In the packaging sector, Herbert Mederer is seeing a trend for smaller packages such as the popular mini pouch. To stay ahead in this fast-growing future market, the company sought high-performance multihead weighers that could do the job.


Three additional MP 28-400/400-H MULTIPOND weighing systems were installed and commissioned for the Hagenow location. With more than 450 weighings per minute, the machine is the fastest combination weigher of its kind in the world, while providing the highest accuracy at the same time. Due to the combination of the weigher with the patented high speed product transfer system "Timing hopper TDSE", up to 40% higher speeds with simultaneous maximum output quantity are achieved in comparison with conventional timing hopper concepts.

ABOUT Mederer

Founded in 1948, Mederer Süsswarenvertriebs GmbH now ranks among the world's most prominent suppliers of fruit gums. Mederer's "Trolli" brand, known for its top quality and innovative products, is enjoying a constantly growing demand. Its seven facilities around the world produce 500 tons of product daily, with own brands accounting for about 30% of output.

"With phenomenal speed and the highest possible accuracy, MULTIPOND has advanced in a sector where physics is about to reach its limits. It was indeed difficult to find suitable form fill seal machines that could meet these performance requirements."

Herbert Mederer, owner and Managing Director

Further references

"During the general planning phase, we drew on the concentrated knowledge of MULTIPOND in the fruit gum sector. MULTIPOND was on hand to assist and advise us. The constructive collaboration was extremely straightforward.“

Ingo Burmester, Technology Project Manager, Sweet Tec

"One of the most important criteria for us was a fast and easy to operate weighing system. Our employees quickly become familiar with the handling and operation of the machines."

Chris Marshall, Swizzels

"We have never experienced any problems with the machine. The system is easy to use and runs at maximum capacity."

Geir Borgen, TINE