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Our strengths – the benefits to you

  • Exact mixtures – We have the optimal solution for you when it comes to weighing your products. We offer you a guaranteed mixing ratio – accurate to the piece and weight. Because the weighing of product mixtures is one of our core competencies.
  • Accuracy – In order to deliver correct weighing results, a calibration test must be carried out regularly. Only our MULTIPOND scales do this independently – even during production – using built-in calibration systems. This is how we ensure that we always weigh correctly. Automatic calibration does not affect performance. This plays an important role, especially with very small weights and expensive products.
  • High speed – Our systems show their true potential in high-speed applications. From automatic calibration during the weighing process through to our specially developed software and your filters – all features contribute to the speed of our systems.
  • Single type reject during production – Thanks to the MULTIPOND special variation, overweights can be discarded one sort at a time, while the weighing system can continue the weighing process without any loss of weighing performance or speed.

“Especially in a season-driven company like ours, time is a critical
factor. That’s why we found the collaboration with MULTIPOND very enjoyable. Both in the planning phase and during commissioning, everything went to plan.”

Massimiliano Giovannetti, Technical Manager, Madi Ventura

Our weighers in action

Take a look at the projects we have already implemented and see for yourself. From walnuts to trail mixtures to dried fruit – benefit from the experience and knowledge we have developed over decades.


“We have never experienced any problems with the machine. The system is easy to use and runs at maximum capacity.”

Geir Borgen, Tine

“We have been working with various multihead weigher suppliers for years. MULTIPOND is now at the very top of our list.”

Massimiliano Giovannetti, Technical Manager at Madi Ventura

“The flexible and extremely powerful system runs at the highest level. MULTIPOND has been our partner for weighing technology for many decades. Many an optimization process in our final packaging process has been inspired by our fruitful and trusting cooperation.”

Stephan von Melle, Technical Manager, Brüggen KG

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