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Product saving of up to 10 g per package when weighing wild game goulash

Poultry, game and ready-to-eat meals - these are areas in which GETI WILBA is active. The company from Bremervörde in northern Germany has a long tradition, especially when it involves preparation of chicken and hares. Production of frozen ready-to-cook meals is a market segment that is enjoying particularly strong growth. GETI WILBA supplies the food industry, bulk consumers, the wholesale delivery trade as well as home-delivery services and food retailers. Their strength in the market is attributable to a focus on quality that is based on careful selection and handling of raw materials in conjunction with high production standards. GETI WILBA considers itself a single-source frozen food specialist whose expertise extends from the live animal to the final product. Thanks to state-of-the-art production technology, GETI WILBA continues to develop products that give fresh impetus to the market. Its five facilities employ a workforce of over 800.
At the wild game meals facility in Bremervörde, the wild game goulash (target weights: 150 g – 400 g, with piece weights varying between 25 g and 50 g) were, until recently, weighed and packaged manually by several employees. This cost lead the customer to search for an automation solution that would be both accurate and gentle on the product. Proposals for possible solutions were requested from various manufacturers of multihead weighers. In the end, MULTIPOND offered the best solution. Our experts recommended the use of a semi-automatic linear multihead weigher, the SAL 10-3100/2500-H, which was installed recently.
The operations manager of the wild game department, Jens Almstadt, is extremely satisfied with the result: "Compared to before, we are now weighing up to 10 g more accurately per package. Every day the system weighs 7000 packages. Extrapolating the savings, you can see that the machine paid for itself very quickly."
The weigher is operated by two employees. The operators feed the prefeed hoppers with the goulash meat from a work table. Afterwards, the weigher transfers the meat from the prefeed hoppers to the weigh hoppers where the target weights are determined using the combination of partial portions principle. The partial portions are now dumped onto two belt units located underneath which transport the partial portions to the timing hopper (SB). If over weights are detected, the belt unit changes its direction and drops the failed portion into a container. Lastly, the timing hopper dumps the final portions onto another belt unit for final packaging.
Having the ability to weigh a wide range of products was a major criteria for purchasing the multihead weigher. For instance, the equipment can also be used to weigh the popular venison steaks.
Weighers in this series are ideally suited for weighing products which cannot be conveyed automatically in a gentle way due to their characteristics and therefore cannot be weighed using conventional multihead weighers. This applies primarily to chunky meat products such as cutlets, chicken legs or steaks. Maximum accuracy and system availability are guaranteed by the high-resolution DMS load cells of  MULTIPOND manufacture. This results into minimum giveaway. These cells are automatically monitored during operation at preprogrammed intervals using installed calibration weights. The weigher is controlled and operated using a user friendly color touchscreen monitor.  An "intelligent" learning function enables the operator to become familiar with the system quickly. All product feeding parts can be removed for cleaning and product changes without tools.
The weigher runs continuously at 30 weighings per minute and has additional capacity in reserve. This means that the plant can weigh 450 kg of product per hour with the multihead weigher. The giveaway is kept to the absolute minimum. Jens Almstadt states: "At the end of the day, we are accurate to within a decimal point. In addition, we receive excellent support from MULTIPOND Service. Telephone support is available whenever we need help quickly." Currently, GETI WILBA is considering the purchase of further MULTIPOND systems.
MULTIPOND is the sales and service division of the German based manufacturing company ATOMA which has been established since 1946. The first automatic weighing system for the packaging industry was launched in 1963. It is positioned as the market leading innovator in the design and manufacture of customized multihead weighing systems for the packaging industry. Headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Waldkraiburg, Germany, about 65km east of Munich. Beside the global network of sales and service representatives, there are four wholly owned sales and service subsidiaries in the UK, the Netherlands, France and the US.

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