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How the cereal chambers of yoghurt pots are filled quickly and accurately

TINE SA is Norway's largest manufacturer, distributor and exporter of dairy products. The company has recently purchased a multihead weigher from MULTIPOND for their site in Trondheim for filling the yoghurt corners of the popular brand "Go Morgen" with cereals and nuts.
The yoghurt pots were previously filled using a chamber feeder. However, it was not possible using this system to fill the nuts due to their sticky and oily nature. Furthermore, there was the issue of weight inaccuracy for such types of systems. A more precise solution was sourced to incorporate the nut mixture filling. In doing so, MULTIPOND, the provider of customized weighing solutions, was found. The manufacturer of tailor made multihead weighers could already show similar successfully implemented projects which was one of the reasons why TINE Meieriet Tunga decided on a system from MULTIPOND. Iver Bjørgum, Dairy Manager of TINE Meieriet Tunga, was extremely satisfied with the complete project execution and implementation. After intensive collaboration, a multihead weigher of the Type MP 24-1000/400-H was installed in Trondheim.
The products are fed to the weigher via a tube. A total of six different cereals and nut mixture are filled with the system. All MULTIPOND systems can also be operated in the patented dosing mode which is indispensable for this application. It is only in Dosing Mode that the required dumps per minute of 12 times 25 can be realized with the maximum performance of the system still not completely exhausted (12 times 40 weighings per minute are potentially possible).
In this dosing mode, the target weights are achieved using a single weigh hopper and not combined as is usual for combination weighers. Twelve yoghurt corners can be filled simultaneously at TINE Meieriet Tunga. The flaps of the prefeed hoppers remain open in dosing mode until the required weight is reached. The prefeed hopper flaps close at the end of feeding and the weigh hoppers are opened to dump all individual portions jointly.
MULTIPOND also designed the customized Distribution System. This is a 12-way format, divided into two by six filling points, exactly tailored to the shape of the yoghurt corners.  A particular feature is the format funnels with an integrated rise and fall function which ensure that no fine particles reach the edge of the pot or the yoghurt chamber itself which is extremely important for the shelf life of the yoghurt. The format funnels dip directly into the cereal chambers of the pots for each dump. For a target weight of 25 g, the standard deviation, depending on the product, is between 0.5 g to max. 1.1 g. Approx. 100,000 yoghurt pots are daily filled with the system.
Another important requirement from Tine was to be able to remove and change all product-contact parts quickly.  With this in mind they asked to be supplied with two set of parts. The reason for this being the wide spread problem of nut allergies. The six different cereal products are weighed using one set and the nut mixture with a different set. Iver Bjørgum says: "This aspect was very important for us and has been fully realized by MULTIPOND. The nut mixture is always processed on Monday. Afterwards, all product-contact parts are removed for cleaning and the machine is converted using the second set of parts for weighing the cereals".
Geir Borgen, Technical Manager, is also extremely satisfied with the collaboration and the support of the MULTIPOND engineers: "We had no problems with the machine right from the start. The system is easy to use and runs with maximum utilization".
MULTIPOND is the sales and service division of the German based manufacturing company ATOMA which has been established since 1946. The first automatic weighing system for the packaging industry was launched in 1963. It is positioned as the market leading innovator in the design and manufacture of customized multihead weighing systems for the packaging industry. Headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Waldkraiburg, Germany, about 65km east of Munich. Beside the global network of sales and service representatives, there are four wholly owned sales and service subsidiaries in the UK, the Netherlands, France and the US.

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