Onze jarenlange ervaring strekt zich uit van zowel monotoepassingen als mengtoepassingen, van de populaire studentenhavermengsels tot aan kleverig gedroogd fruit, zoals dadels en pruimen.

MULTIPOND's strengths - your benefits:

  • Plastic or stainless steel hoppers to meet your project requirements:
    • Plastic Hoppers offer
      • Higher speeds due to reduced load cell settling times
      • Better product release characteristics for sticky products
      • A wide variety of surfaces to improve product handling
      • Reduced operational noise under normal operating conditions and when running hard candies
    • Stainless steel hoppers offer
      • High resistance to abrasive products
      • Higher volume for low density products
  • Mixing applications - we plan your weighing systems designed for mixtures consisting of up to eight components
  • Product-specific surfaces of all product contact parts - perfectly matched to your unique product - even sticky products are no problem for us
  • Customized and patented product transfer systems are the basis for a perfect integration in the production process
  • High speeds and high accuracy
  • Automatic load cell spanning and calibration using certified integrated calibration weights
    • Maximum accuracy over the life of the equipment with no manual calibration required
    • Highly advanced self diagnostic capability