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Multihead Weighing System New Concept for High-Speed Weighing

The combination of a multihead weighing system (a special version of Type OZB), a special ''S2'' funnel and a patented product transfer system (timing hopper DSE) is the perfect solution to satisfy the increasingly challenging requirements for high-speed equipment in the frozen food and grated cheese sectors.
With the development of this concept, MULTIPOND emphasises its position as the leading innovator in the market for multihead weigher.
The solution was presented to well-known cheese producers from throughout Europe for the first time at MULTIPOND's in-house cheese show, which was held at the end of March 2010 at the company's headquarters in Waldkraiburg (Germany).
Compared to a conventional split (2-way), 20-head multihead weigher, this concept permits up to 30% higher speeds through use of a 16-head multihead weigher. The results speak for themselves: For instance, when weighing 100 g of grated cheese, 120 weighings per minute possible in combination with a vertical form, fill, seal machine (100 weighings per minute for 200 g of grated cheese). The average deviation is less than 0.1% of the target weight, and the standard deviation is less than 1% of the target weight, an improvement of 50% over the standard solution.

The concept in detail:

The multihead weighing system:

The multihead weigher is a variant of the Type OZB. Use of memory hoppers, which is commonplace in memory weighing systems, is eliminated. After weighing, the partial portions are discharged from the weigh hoppers into the special funnel by specially developed swiveling funnels. Thanks to the funnel design, it is not necessary to split the multihead weigher.

The funnel:

The funnel is a double funnel with an inner and outer chute and two outlets. The swiveling funnel can discharge portions into both chutes. As a result of the special funnel design, the two outlets are accessible from all areas of the multihead weigher. This makes all partial portions available for all combinations, maximizing the number of combinations and providing a basis for maximum accuracy and speed. Because of the special funnel design, the multihead weigher operates like a split weighing system (2-way).

The product transfer system:

Compared to conventional timing hopper concepts, the combination of the multihead weigher with the patented high-speed product transfer system (timing hopper DSE) provides up to 20% higher speeds together with maximum output. Filling and transfer operations take place simultaneously. In addition, the ''DSE'' features rejecting of incorrect weights, thus removing them before reaching the packaging machine. One of the major benefits of this system is the ‘clean’ centered transfer of portions to the forming tube of the packaging machine. This prevents contact between the portions and forming tube, keeping the portions compact as they enter the packing machine.< /p>

MULTIPOND is the sales and service division of the German based manufacturing company ATOMA which has been established since 1946. The first automatic weighing system for the packaging industry was launched in 1963. Headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Waldkraiburg, Germany, about 65km east of Munich. Beside the global network of sales and service representatives, there are four wholly owned sales and service subsidiaries in the UK, the Netherlands, France and the US.

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