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La nueva generación J

MULTIPOND launches new generation of multihead weighers. With the forward looking J-Generation, MULTIPOND is setting new standards in weighing technology. At Interpack 2014, it will debut a combination weigher that is also setting hygiene benchmarks in the industry worldwide.
The new J-Generation is completely redefining the matter of hygiene. According to industry experts from the USA, the new hygienic design puts MULTIPOND steps ahead of the industry as a whole. The entire structural design, from the frame to the monitor holder to the hopper, has been revamped and redeveloped and now meets the toughest hygiene regulations worldwide. The new weigher generation, having no double surfaces, gaps, dead space or cavities, offers the oppertunity of simple cleaning. No aluminum whatsoever is used in production. So in terms of materials too, all prerequisites for a forward-looking weighing system in the food industry are met.
All weigh cells in the new weigher generation are provided with a patented, magnetic field-controlled impact pulse reduction mechanism called "MAGiiR". This reduces the measured value recording time by up to 30%, thereby providing more hoppers for the combination function. In conjunction with the now established, adaptive filters, measured value recording times are reduced by up to 60%. As a result, weigher systems with fewer heads can be used and higher cycle rates can be achieved.
A complete control and operating unit "BDE-14" makes the new generation a "winner for the operator". New overview pages and functions simplify operation and control of the weigher. The simplest operator guidance, means training time for operators is reduced to an absolute minimum. Thanks to 8 times more calculation power, the main and ancillary tasks can be managed faster and more effectively.
The new intelligent weigher control enables problems to be recognized and resolved with the weigher's adaptive characteristics.  
Another feature of the new J-Generation is the patented "Argus-01" camera. The 3D-camera records more precisely product distribution on the distribution cone and the feed trays, thereby enabling a controlled pre-distribution to the feed hoppers. Product build ups or gaps are detected as soon as they occur and appropriate countermeasures are initiated. Overfilling and frequent additional dosing are avoided and a stable function of the automatic weigher is guaranteed through controlled, constant product distribution. "Argus-01" also provides a video image, thereby replacing the previous camera option VK-xx. In many cases, the use of pre-weigher or ultrasonic probes can also be avoided.
Precision  weighing has been the secret of success for MULTIPOND weighers worldwide for many years.
With the introduction of its new weigher generation, MULTIPOND Wägetechnik is once again re-asserting its position as a leading innovator in the multihead weigher sector. A MULTIPOND precision weigher keeps its promise. All components, from the weigh cell to the frame of a MULTIPOND weigher, are produced in-house, where they are precisely matched to each other and assembled. And so a MULTIPOND multihead weigher rightly deserves its "Made in Germany" endorsement.
After a long period of development, the new J-Generation of MULTIPOND multihead weighers is being debuted at Interpack 2014 in Düsseldorf.
MULTIPOND Wägetechnik is a sales subsidiary of ATOMA GmbH. Established in 1947 and headquartered in Bavaria, Germany, the company has been manufacturing automatic weighing systems for the packaging industry since 1963. All development and production activities take place at the company headquarters in Waldkraiburg, 65 km east of Munich. In addition to a global sales network, products are marketed through four subsidiaries in Great Britain, the Netherlands, France and the USA and supervised on-site.

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