Well known freshly prepared salad supplier from the UK counts on the quality from MULTIPOND

Hazeldene is one of the leading providers of freshly prepared, ready to eat bagged salad products in Great Britain. The main business area of the company is the processing of leafy salads, with key customers in Convenience Retail, Sandwich Manufacturing and Food Service. All products, including sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, are washed, packed ready to consume in many different bag or tray formats. A total of 50 tonnes of fresh produce is processed through the factory each day. Hazeldene purchased a multihead weigher from MULTIPOND for its site in Wigan, Greater Manchester, for the optimization of the packaging of leafy salads.

The weighing system incorporates a 16-head memory weigher, the MP 16-2400/1250-H-S5 which is principally used for weighing cut leafy salad such as Iceberg. The system is installed in combination with a CFS form fill seal machine. This arrangement gives the highest levels of production availability within the High Care packing department according to Jo Porter from Continuous Improvement.  The reason for the purchase was the achievement of improved line performance and increased accuracy which has been realized by the MULTIPOND unit.

The salad is conveyed to the multihead weigher using a vibrating conveyor. Once it has arrived at the top on the weigher, the salad is conveyed to the pre-feed hoppers by the radially positioned feed trays and then to the weigh hoppers underneath. The system operates according to the combination of partial portions principle. After the weighing process, the partial portion is deposited via a specially developed rotating funnel into a memory hopper underneath. The use of the memory hoppers greatly increases the number of possible combinations and ultimately provides the basis for maximum accuracy and speed. Using the partial portions, a computer determines the combination which corresponds to the target weight to be achieved.

All product contact parts can be removed quickly and without tools and have been specifically manufactured to ensure a perfect product flow. The system is operated using a operator friendly color touchscreen monitor. Jo Porter, Continuous Improvement Technologist, says: "The familiarization time of the operators on the MULTIPOND machine is faster in comparison with other operating systems installed in our factory. The simple operator guidance on the monitor makes a significant contribution here.” The machine also meets the high hygiene requirements of Hazeldene; even cleaning several times a day does not pose any problem.

Portion weights between 150 g and 1,000 g depending on the product and target weight are weighed with the system at up to 70 weighings per minute. The giveaway here is less than 1.7%. "We have very few problems with the system, which runs reliably in 2-shift operation, 18 hours per day” says Jo Porter. 

"We feel we are in good hands with MULTIPOND. The quality of the equipment and the relationship with MULTIPOND’s specialists has developed very positively over recent years", says Simon Ball, Managing Director at Hazeldene.

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