Traditional Italian company decides on MULTIPOND when it comes to weighing its products

Dates, figs, nuts, plums and more: for 80 years now, the traditional Italian company Madi Ventura has been producing a vast range of dried fruit and nut mixtures. Annual revenue stands at 115 million euro, with between 50 and 70 people - depending on the season - being employed at the Chieve site in northern Italy. The most important thing when it comes to packaging products is optimized precision.

To weigh its expensive products quickly and precisely, Madi Ventura recently decided to go for German craftsmanship from MULTIPOND. A type MP-24-1000-400-H-S5 multihead weigher ensures that 65 portions with a target weight of 150 grams reach the package every minute.
The weighing system is a 24-head memory weigher which is used for weighing various dried fruit and nut mixtures with up to four components. The individual partial portions are transferred to the packaging in precisely the right mixing ratio.

The individual components are fed to the weigher via four MULTIPOND vibration channels. On the weigher, the products are first transported to the prefeed hoppers by way of the radially positioned feed trays, and then to the weigh hoppers underneath. Maximum accuracy and availability are guaranteed by the calibration systems integrated into each load cell, which allow fully-automated calibration even during production. MULTIPOND is the only manufacturer of multihead weighers in the world to achieve this.

After the weighing process, the partial portions are delivered to the memory hoppers beneath via specially developed swiveling funnels. These memory hoppers significantly increase the number of possible combinations, ultimately creating the basis for maximum accuracy and speed. Using the partial portions, a computer determines the best combination to achieve or come closest to the target weight of 150 grams. In a final step, the product transfer system delivers the finished portions to the form fill seal machine.

The weighing process is so accurate that the mean value at the end of the production shift is exactly the target weight. According to Madi Ventura's Managing Director Giuseppe Calvini, the high degree of accuracy combined with this multihead weigher's output were the reasons for replacing the existing system from a different supplier with the MULTIPOND system.
The straightforward operation of the MULTIPOND multihead weigher was also crucial to the purchase decision. Because the machine weighs 25 different recipes, it was important for the user interface of the operating unit to be kept as simple as possible. "Thanks to the simple operator guidance, our day-to-day work with the multihead weigher runs like clockwork", confirms Massimiliano Giovanetti, Technical Manager of Madi Ventura. "We can also create our own programs without a problem."

The customer also describes the installation and start-up of the 24-head weigher as unproblematic. "Especially in a season-driven company like ours, time is a critical factor. That's why we found the collaboration with MULTIPOND very enjoyable. Both in the planning phase and during commissioning,
everything went to plan", said Giovanetti as he expressed his praise to the contact at MULTIPOND. "We have been working with various multihead weigher suppliers for years. MULTIPOND is now at the very top of our list."

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