"Space and time saved" – MULTIPOND impresses with flexible system solution

Chips, nuts, baked products and various speciality snacks – all over
Europe, our customer's products are known to be incredible nibbles. A team of experts works continuously on improving existing and developing innovative new products. Quality and flavor are key and both regional taste preferences and current trends are taken into account. As an international organization, the company is aware of its ecological and social responsibility. The company has set ambitious targets to fulfil these responsibilities, especially in raw material cultivation, processing and transport.

Nuts have always been an important part of a balanced diet. Not only are they a source of many nutrients and provide the vitamins and minerals the body needs, some kinds also contain unsaturated fatty acids, which can have positive health effects.

The company was on the lookout for a solution for the fully automated weighing of various nut mixtures. The huge challenge the project faced was the low room height at the existing production location.

MULTIPOND was able to score here with an ingenious solution and was awarded the contract. Two Type MP-28-400-400-C multihead weighers and a MP-14-1000-400-H-UL were used. The two weighers were suspended below the ceiling by chain hoists, with the cross head feeders positioned on the top floor.

Lifting devices with just one load hook have reached their limit when it comes to handling large volume components. This task requires lifting solutions with several attachment points to ensure simultaneous and secure lifting. The reduction of the hook dimension must be considered when using additional cross-members.

The Demag Quadro LDC-Q chain lift used here creates new potentials for handling larger components weighing up to 3.2 t. In cooperation with MULTIPOND, Demag Cranes & Components has developed a lift solution that simplifies handling and significantly reduces setup times.

So, optimum use is made of the limited room height, and the system offers other advantages too: First, the cleaning is much easier since the weighers can be moved via a traversing unit attached to the lifting unit. This configuration allows the weigher to be moved close to the ground adjacent to the packaging machine and therefore, offers more safety for the employees performing the work. Once the cleaning process is complete, the lifting unit positions the weighers back below the ceiling above their filling station.

Secondly, all parts can be removed easily and quickly for cleaning and maintenance without the need for tools. Also, the weighers are operated using a convenient color touchscreen monitor. Simple and user-friendly controls make working with the systems uncomplicated, so employees become familiar with the machines quickly and easily. Ease of operation is a key criterion.

On the 28-head weigher, both mono-products and mixtures containing up to 4 ingredients are weighed and packed by a fully-automated process. The individual ingredients are fed to the weighing systems by means of cross head feeders on the top floor. Up to 70 weighing operations per minute can be achieved.

The 14-head weigher is designed exclusively for mono-products; the product feed is via so-called gravity infeed funnels. With a target weight of 100g, 100 weighings per minute can be achieved. For 500g, 70 weighings per minute can be achieved.

Maximum accuracy and availability are provided by the calibration systems integrated in each load cell, making completely automatic calibration possible even during production. MULTIPOND is the only manufacturer of multihead weighers in the world to achieve this. The mean value, decisive criterion for the giveaway, is + 0.1% of the target weight.

The use of the chain lift in conjunction with a multihead weigher also creates optimum flexibility. For example, different types of packaging machines can be fed with a multihead weigher, the weigher being moved between the packaging machines on a chain hoist.

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