Nomi Co-Packing and MULTIPOND - A flexible, golden combination

Professionalism, quality and flexibility in excellent packaging. NOMI Co-Packing has over 30 years experience in packaging fast moving consumer goods. The family company from Etten-Leur is a professional contract packaging company, which may count various A-brands among its regular customers.

NOMI Co-Packing was founded in 1986 and specializes in packaging dry foodstuffs, in particular European confectionery products. Between 80 and 85% of all products packed by NOMI include candy. NOMI has various packaging possibilities available for secondary or primary packaging of foodstuffs. The company can accurately process both large and small orders. NOMI works closely together with its customers in finding solutions for both simple, and the most complex, packaging issues. This makes NOMI a partner that also functions as a breeding ground for new to-be-developed packaging.

Much flexibility is expected from co-packers such as NOMI. Taking away the worries of a customer on a project basis plays an important role here.  Being a link in the supply chain, quality and delivery reliability are crucial to NOMI. The people working at NOMI believe that feeling secure about reliable machines and weighing systems is important. For this reason, they chose weighing systems from MULTIPOND. “We need specialized equipment. MULTIPOND focuses on difficult issues and is good at finding solutions. Just as we like doing for our customers ourselves”, Carlo Jochems, Sales Director at NOMI, tells us.

At this moment, NOMI has four multi-head weighing systems from MULTIPOND. The last one was installed just recently: one multi-head MP16-2400-1250-H weighing system combined with an SN Doy packaging machine. Additionally, NOMI has a weighing machine suitable for mono-production with smaller sachets, a weighing system focused on both sugared and oiled jelly products, and a MULTIPOND MP20-2400-1250-H-S5, 20 cup mixing weighing system. With the latter, NOMI can accurately mix four product types based on weight, as well as on pieces. NOMI can also run an 8 product mix thanks to an advanced MULTIPOND feeding system that combines four counters with the 4 mix MULTIPOND weighing system. Carlo: “This is quite a unique set-up. There are not many co-packers in the market that can make an 8 mix. At the same time, this set-up makes the line suitable for a really broad range of products."

MULTIPOND delivered the structural unit, including platforms with feeding systems, for three lines. The special MULTIPOND for sugared jelly products has been provided with a (patented) sugar ring system. The ring around the system makes sure that excessive loose sugar is removed. With this system, a high-quality solution for a major German manufacturer of gummy bears was created with respect to packaging sugared products. 

Many combinations can be made with the mixing line. Dependent on the required dosing technique, NOMI can mix various products in a determined mixing ratio. First the products are transported to the weigher automatically through vibrating feed trays. After the weighing process, the partial portion is discharged into the memory hoppers by means of a swiveling funnel. Thanks to the 40 memory hoppers, many combinations can be made.

Before the MULTIPOND came, NOMI made use of counting systems allowing larger error margins. “In the past, more was given away when working with smaller weights. For example, as a result of pieces of licorice sticking together", Carlo Jochems explains. He is really satisfied with the accuracy, and calls MULTIPOND the ‘Rolls Royce’ among the weighing systems.

“The products can even be weighed by the exact number. Additionally, the weighing systems of MULTIPOND offer many options with extra, separate additives. The more reliable the machine, the easier the planning. We offer the customers security by making use of ‘state-of-the-art’ machines.” According to Carlo: “We increasingly conclude full-service contracts with which we take away the worries of our customers. With MULTIPOND we can dose more accurately, which implies less excess use and less loss of packaging materials. Thanks to our choice for the weighing systems of MULTIPOND, we help our customers reduce waste and so lower the costs as well.”

NOMI packages in a specialized and mechanized way. The company does this with various types of packaging. From stand-up pouches, transwraps and flowwraps, to cardboard packaging; all orders are different. “We do relatively a lot of small runs, so the switching has to be done fast." A trend that Carlo Jochems observes here is the demand from the market for ever smaller runs. “Brands have to offer market-oriented added value. Here more and more is responded to specific needs of consumers, such as smaller portion packaging and products containing less sugar (low-calorie packaging). We also increasingly see seasonals, products responding to a certain season or event. Apart from Easter and Christmas, we see more temporary products aimed at the vacation period and, for instance, Halloween. The emergence of digital printing techniques offers the brands opportunities to offer added value through personalized packaging for the consumer and the brand. As a co-packer, NOMI offers the flexibility to facilitate personalized packaging. Therefore we choose machines with broad possibilities that can be applied in a flexible way.” 
“Just like NOMI, MULTIPOND does not like to say: No, we cannot do that! MULTIPOND does not put aside difficult issues, but it takes up the challenge and thinks of suitable solutions. Just as we like doing for our customers ourselves.” Carlo Jochems, Sales Director at NOMI

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