Meat balls weighed quickly and accurately by MULTIPOND

With 50% growth rates and an annual production exceeding 9,000 tons, the family-run business Öresundschark ranks amongst the fastest-growing meat processors in Sweden. The company specializes in the production of the popular food meat balls. Some are distributed under proprietary brands, but primarily under a private label. In total, the company has around 30 employees. While production is a three-shift operation, packaging runs over two shifts.

To equip capacities for the future, the production and packaging departments have recently been further expanded. When it comes to dispensing the meat balls with precise package weights, the family-run company relies exclusively on MULTIPOND, the manufacturer of customized multihead weighers - and not without good reason. Mikael Andersson, Technician Manager, explains: "We started out with a used machine from MULTIPOND which exceeded our expectations, so we also approached MULTIPOND for the second machine. The machine ran smoothly from the very first day. We therefore also decided on MULTIPOND for the rest of the machines."
Another MULTIPOND type MP-14-2400-1250-H-UL multihead weigher has recently been installed. This 14-head scale is used for weighing a broad range of meat balls. The products can be weighed and packed either deep-frozen or fresh.

The meat balls are conveyed to the weigher by a bucket conveyor. Once at the top of the weighing system, the product is first conveyed to the prefeed hoppers via the radially positioned feed trays, and then to the weigh hoppers below. The computer now determines from partial portions the combination that corresponds or comes closest to the target weight. All product contact parts are precisely adapted to the production requirements and to the properties of the meat balls. This guarantees a smooth product flow. The weigher is controlled and operated using a convenient color touchscreen monitor. The fully automated calibration of the proprietary load cells ensures the highest accuracy and availability through the integrated calibration weight in each weighing cell. MULTIPOND achieves this as the only manufacturer of multihead weighers worldwide – automatically, continuously and during production. After the actual weighing process, the accurately weighed portions are transferred via 4-way chutes to the downstream product transfer system, which in turn transfers the finished portions to the downstream thermoforming machine.

The entire system was designed for an output of 60 weighings per minute. The target weights are between 350 g and 1,000 g, the mean value, with the decisive criterion for the giveaway being 0.1% above the target weight. "MULTIPOND always keeps its promise. The excellent output combined with the highest precision and system availability provide the basis for maximum efficiency", says Andersson.

"The short routes and distances were extremely advantageous for the project implementation. Drawing on its long-standing experience as a partner, MULTIPOND was able to offer advice and support. All MULTIPOND systems run fault-free and are completely reliable. The collaboration has been smooth from the outset. The support from the company and its local agent are at the highest level."

The overall package is rounded out by the fast and reliable service and the robustness of the machines: "The total cost of ownership is lower with MULTIPOND than with any other manufacturer of multihead weighers", explains Andersson. "This, coupled with the incredible degree of accuracy, means the return on investment is twice as fast."

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