How the candies get into the bag with gram-level consistency

SWEET TEC GmbH is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-quality specialty candies. In 2015, the factory in Boizenburg on the River Elbe was further expanded, making way for entry into the fruit gum market. This move made SWEET TEC the fifth-largest confectionary supplier in Germany. Michael Kirk, Head of Technology stated: "The market figures speak for themselves. The fruit gum market is still one of the strongest growing sectors in confectionary." The new factory is the world's most modern confectionary plant. In Boizenburg, around 15 tons of confectionary are produced and packed every hour.

When it comes to dispensing the fruit gums with precise package weights, Michael Kirk and Ingo Burmester, Technical Project Manager, rely exclusively on MULTIPOND, the manufacturer of customized multihead weighers: "We have many years' experience with MULTIPOND systems. In total, 21 MULTIPOND weighers are now installed in our factory. There are never any problems with those systems; they are definitely among the most reliable machines we know. As we planned the new factory, the subject of multihead weighers was never an issue – going exclusively with MULTIPOND was a foregone conclusion."

And so a total of eight MULTIPOND weighing systems were installed to ensure precision weighing of fruit gums in the new factory:
Type MP-1601-S5 memory weighers, type MP-22-1000-400-H 22-head weighers and type MP-28-400-400-C 28-head weighers. The fruit gums are fed to the weighing system via MULTIPOND vibration chutes. The machines are designed to weigh sugar-coated products too. As a result, various sugar depositions and dust enclosures are used. A huge advantage of the weigher design is the detectable plastic hoppers. The systems run in a three-shift operation six days per week.

On the 22-head weighers, pack sizes of 200g to 500g are weighed with an output of 160 weighings per minute. On the 28-head weighers, small bags of 15g to 25g are weighed with an output of up to 2 x 250 weighings per minute. The mean value, a decisive criterion for the give-away, corresponds exactly to the target weight.

Ingo Burmester stated “MULTIPOND always keeps its promise. We operate the machines to their full potential. The excellent output combined with the highest precision and system availability provide the basis for maximum efficiency.”

MULTIPOND was involved in the planning process for the new factory from a very early stage. Ingo Burmester: "During the general planning phase, we drew on the tremendous expertise of MULTIPOND in the fruit gum sector. MULTIPOND was on hand to assist and advise us. The constructive collaboration was very straightforward. The short routes and instances offered by the company are another great benefit."
Thanks to the close integration into the planning process at SWEET TEC and the leading role played by the Kurtz planning office, timely implementation and delivery by the installation deadlines were achieved without incident or delay. This is not always a given for projects of this magnitude.
"In short, as far as planning, project development and after-sales support are concerned, the collaboration with MULTIPOND was and continues to be the smoothest throughout the entire project. Short routes and fast reaction times make our lives extremely easy.", explains Mr. Burmester.

MULTIPOND has been an owner-managed German company since the very beginning. Drawing on more than 70 years' experience in industrial weighing technology, we are a pioneer in this sector. Our success is based on the high quality and excellent technical standard of our weighing systems. We consciously commit to a high level of vertical integration, as well as production exclusively in Germany. Customer focus has become our corporate maxim. A team of over 250 employees commits worldwide to offer our customers from the food and non-food sectors optimized, unique solutions tailored exactly to their requirements at all times. Sales, project planning and service activities are handled at the German headquarters, and from four of our own subsidiaries in France, the Netherlands, the UK and the  USA and by a worldwide network of agents.




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