New weigher for gentle handling of delicate and fragile products

MULTIPOND`s new multihead weigher MP 1401-FFC-FC is an absolute world´s first of its kind. It has been specifically designed to weigh delicate and/or fragile products. This weigher is ideally suited for weighing products like cookies, wafers, breaded pieces of meat and fish and easily damaged fresh products like fresh fruit. Traditionally conventional multihead weighers are not able to handle these products gently enough.
This unit features an extremely low profile. All vibrators of the feed trays and the distribution cone drive are integrated into the machine frame. The discharge angle of the weigher is very shallow (25°-35°, depending on product). To help facilitate the machines low profile there is only one level of hoppers.
The advantages of this solution are obvious: The extremely low profile reduces drop heights and keeps slide transfers to a minimum. By eliminating prefeed hoppers, the number of product discharges and the impact on products is lessened. The solution is equally suitable for the strict hygiene regimes in the food industry as all vibrators trays and weigh hoppers are easily removed for cleaning.
Well-known companys like Austria´s biggest confectionery manufacturer `Manner`, known for their renowned Manner wafers, have recognized the great advantages of the MP 1401-FFC-FC, since installing these weighers in their production lines.
Before purchasing these weighers, Manner carried out trials with conventional multihead weighers, but they damaged somewhere in the region of 60% of the product. `The particular difficulty in producing and packaging the wafers is caused by the fragile nature of the product`, explains Josef Manner. Since installing these MULTIPOND weighers, the damage on Manners product has been significantly reduced, almost down to zero.
MULTIPOND Wägetechnik GmbH is a subsidiary of ATOMA GmbH, which was founded in 1946 and has been manufacturing automatic weighing systems for the packaging industry since 1963. The entire development and production of the weighing systems takes place at the company headquarters in Waldkraiburg, about 65 km east of Munich, Germany. In addition to a global sales network, products are marketed through four subsidiaries in the UK, the Netherlands, France and the US.

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