MULTIPOND’s solution for fully-automatic weighing of very sticky products

MULTIPOND introduces its solution for fully-automatic weighing of sticky products like fresh or marinated meat, poultry and fish and thus, emphasizes its position as the leading provider of product-specific solutions for multihead weighers.
The automated handling of such products is extremely challenging, which normally results in these products still being manually weighed or Semi-Automatically weighed. MULTIPOND’s patented innovation offers an automation solution that is gentle on products and easy to clean and will be presented at Anuga FoodTec 2009 in Cologne.
Based on a special feed tray surface profile and central distribution cone, the product feeding characteristics of the weigher are considerably improved and/or controlled feeding is now possible even with difficult product. The stepped profile minimizes the contact surface between the product and cone and feed tray surface, which leads to lower product adhesion. Consequently, the “simple” yet extremely effective solution does not require additional equipment to control the feeding of such products, like a screw conveyor and such. The product is not exposed to any additional mechanical influences, except for the usual vibration from the feed trays. The major advantage of this surface technology for weighing poultry, meat, fish, surimi and various convenience food components has been successfully proven in production.
The solution is equally suitable for the strict sanitary requirements in the food industry. There is no additional equipment for product feeding necessary. Both the distributor cone as well as the feed tray follow the design and accessibility of a standard MULTIPOND multihead weigher and are only equipped with a patented surface structure.
MULTIPOND weighing system of the newest generation of the MP 14-1000/400-H type will be exhibited at Anuga FoodTec 2009. Generally, the 14 weighing system is suitable for weighing portion weights up to 1,600 g with the highest precision possible. Weighing systems of this type are, depending on the design of product feeding components, suitable for the most diverse application areas like sweets, meat, fish, frozen products, convenience food components, raw vegetables, snack food, tea and spices. Product changes can be made at any time without great effort. All product feeding components can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning and maintenance without the use of tools.
MULTIPOND Wägetechnik GmbH is a subsidiary of ATOMA GmbH, which was founded in 1946 and has been manufacturing automatic weighing systems for the packaging industry since 1963. The entire development and production of the weighing systems takes place at the company headquarters in Waldkraiburg, about 65 km east of Munich, Germany. In addition to a global sales network, products are marketed through four subsidiaries in the UK, the Netherlands, France and the US.

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