IFFA 2016 Preview

More than ever before, the top priorities in the meat-processing industry are safety, quality and hygiene due to high demands on suppliers from consumers. These tough demands concern both the employees who work in this industry, as well as the machinery suppliers. Since animal products in particular are often quickly contaminated with germs or pathogens, the flesh and poultry sector presents one of the greatest challenges in the food industry.
MULTIPOND already holds the solution to a challenge that machine suppliers and food manufacturer will face in the future. The new MULTIPOND J Generation is developed and made specifically for use in areas requiring extremely high hygiene standards. MULTIPOND will be presenting this very weigher at the IFFA trade fair in Frankfurt.
Since the cleaning of materials, surfaces and structural elements should be considered a key aspect, component design plays a major role. MULTIPOND follows the simplest design principles and avoids structural flaws that would increase hygiene-related risks.
Avoiding dead spaces, spray shadows and undercuts is deemed a fundamental principle of the new J Generation, allowing for quick and simple cleaning. In the design of the machines, it was important for all flat surfaces to have a steeper incline to allow liquids to drain away. However, the inclination angles are dimensioned in a way that disinfectant, for instance, can act before running-off too quickly.
Hygienic design down to the finest detail: through the in-house development of hygienic screws, all open threads on the new generation of weighers are securely closed and sealed. A hygiene version was also used for attaching the logo and rating plate. All these aspects are just a few of the features of the new J Generation in terms of hygienic design.
The consistent implementation of standards and directives in particular is increasingly important, MULTIPOND has taken yet another step in the hygiene direction. The new J-Generation is provided with protection class, IP 69. This protection class guarantees a dust-sealed machine and permits cleaning with high-pressure cleaners. Unlike its competitors, MULTIPOND achieves this IP69 Status without generating overpressure in the machine.
To complete the package, a completely redesigned hygienic transfer system, in addition to the weigher, will be demonstrated at the IFFA in Frankfurt. Just like the J weigher, this is also built to meet latest hygienic requirements. All moving parts are sealed by the special hygienically-shaped scraper. With the transfer system too, attention is paid to avoiding spray shadows and the radii are designed to guarantee safe, quick and simple cleaning. The drives are purely electric to ensure flexible machine installation. The FDA approval should be seen as another advantage for the complete transfer system.
With the introduction of the new J Generation and the hygienic transfer system, MULTIPOND is once again re-asserting its position as the leading innovator in the multihead weigher sector. All components, from the weigh cell to the frame of a MULTIPOND weigher, are produced at the Waldkraiburg site, where they are precisely matched to each other and assembled. And so a MULTIPOND multihead weigher rightly deserves its "Made in Germany" endorsement.
MULTI POND has been an owner-managed company since the very beginning. Drawing on more than 65 years' experience in industrial weighing technology, we are a pioneer in this sector. Our success is based on the high quality and excellent technical standard of our weighing systems. We consciously commit to a high level of vertical integration, as well
as production exclusively in Germany. We have made the topic of customer orientation
our corporate maxim. A team of more than 200 employees are working worldwide to offer our customers from the food and non-food sectors optimized, unique solutions tailored exactly
to their requirements at all times. Sales, project planning and service are handled
by the headquarters in Germany, by the four subsidiaries in France, the Netherlands,
England and the USA, and by a worldwide network of agents.

IFFA, Hall 11.0 Stand C28

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