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Our strengths – the benefits to you

  • Hygiene – The experience and knowledge that MULTIPOND has built up over decades in the food industry not only meet the highest hygiene standards, but also guarantee food safety, simplified cleaning processes and reduced downtimes during production.
  • Optimal distribution of the product on the scales – The product feed is regulated by means of a pre-weigher, the product flow is evaluated and optimized using the 3D ARGUS camera. Overfills are minimized, the combinatorics increased and higher packing capacities achieved.
  • Patented step profile – This patented surface profile improves the product conveying properties of the scale enormously, which in turn is the basis for maximum accuracy and speed.
  • Simple and fast cleaning –Protection class IP69 is the ideal basis for the use of high-pressure cleaners. MULTIPOND is the only manufacturer of multihead weighers anywhere in the world that achieves this protection class without generating expensive overpressure in the machine.
  • SAR – our complementary semi-automatic combination weighing system. The weighing system is ideal for a variety of different products, but especially for products that are difficult to convey and also for achieving extremely precise portion weights when piece weights are widely spread.
  • Topping Unit – To ensure the uniform distribution of toppings, we have developed a special product transfer system consistent with all MULTIPOND standards.

“The simple user interface means our employees are able to operate the MULTIPOND weighers in no time at all. This gives us an important advantage. The machines offer incredible reliability.”

Sam Mos, Production Manager, Vezet

Our weighers in action

Take a look at the projects we have already implemented and see for yourself. From salad leaves to rocket to mixed salads – benefit from the experience and knowledge we have developed over decades.

“The robust construction of the systems is absolutely unique on the market, nothing that any other manufacturer has been able to offer us comes anywhere close.”

Rodrigo Sainz Trapaga, owner of Empacadora

“Having solutions that are precisely tailored to the conditions and requirements of our production facility is extremely important to us. That’s how we know we are in the right hands with MULTIPOND. After all, the conditions differ from product to product. In case of problems, we contact the specialists at MULTIPOND and get the perfect solution within the shortest possible time.”

Gunter Löffler, Project Engineer, Unilever

“We simply wanted to have the best and fastest line in the plant here – and then here MULTIPOND, our partner of many years, came into play bringing its project expertise.”

Hans Boshuizen, Managing Director of Vezet

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