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  • Weighing by piece – Straight screws, dowels or dishwasher tabs are sold by piece. Piece-by-piece counting is therefore necessary. Our multihead weighers at MULTIPOND always include counting mode in their software.
  • Alignment with magnets – Long screws and nails must be handed over aligned in the packaging. MULTIPOND has been able to solve this requirement in numerous projects with the help of magnets in the transfer area.
  • Effective noise reduction– Depending on the performance and product characteristics, a non-negligible noise level may be generated. In this case, effective soundproofing provides direct reduction of noise and thus is always part of the health protection of employees.
  • Accurate blending – We have the optimal solution for you when it comes to weighing your products. We offer them a guaranteed mixing ratio – accurate to the piece and weight. Because weighing product mixtures is one of our core competencies.
  • Accuracies– Give-Away means given away product and therefore loss of profit. So what could be clearer than too much money being “given away” in the non-food sector due to inaccurate multihead weighers? Our multihead weighers operate with the highest precision thanks to specially developed software and built-in calibration weight.
  • Automatic calibration – To provide correct weighing results, a calibration test must be performed regularly. Only our MULTIPOND scales do this independently – even during production – by means of built-in calibration systems. In this way, we ensure that we always weigh correctly. Automatic calibration does not result in any loss of performance.

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“We have never had any problems with MULTIPOND’s multihead weighers; they still weigh as precisely today as they did on the first day.”

Stephan von Melle, Technical Manager

“In summary, the cooperation with MULTIPOND was and is the smoothest in the entire project in terms of planning, project execution and also after-sales support.”

Ingo Burmester, Project Manager Technology

“It is enormously important to us to get solutions that are precisely tailored to the conditions and requirements of our production. This is where MULTIPND is exactly right for us.”

Gunter Löffler, Project Engineer

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