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The original company, comprising just a man and his wheelbarrow, is today an award-winning supplier of organic boxes. The boxes, which change on a weekly basis, are filled with seasonal vegetables, salad and fruit from the region.


Until now, all products have been weighed by hand. Three employees were able to manage up to 15 packages per minute. Due to the constantly increasing market demand, the operation was forced to increase its output, and set about obtaining a number of quotations for multihead weighers.


Production is now being expanded by a type MP-14-9600-2500-H-UL MULTIPOND multihead weigher. The most diverse range of products, from lettuce to chard leaves to various types of vegetables need to be weighed by a fully automated process. The operation fills organic boxes 5 days a week in a single shift operation. Around 15,000 packages are weighed and packed every day. Wash walls have been installed close to the machines so that the machines can be wet-cleaned simply and safely. As with all MULTIPOND multihead weighers, the quick and tool-free removal of product-carrying parts effectively reduces standstill time for cleaning and maintenance work.

“The concentrated knowledge, the splendid support and the fast service of MULTIPOND is absolutely fantastic. We feel very comfortable and have great faith in the MULTIPOND brand and the team in England. They even respond to our problems on a Sunday morning.”

Further references

“When we consider that the weigher operates at such minus temperatures for 24 hours in a 5-shift operation and we have had no need to call on MULTIPOND’s service, MULTIPOND fully deserves its name as market leader for quality.”

Stijn Siongers, owner and Managing Director

“We simply wanted to have the best and fastest line in factory – and that’s where MULTIPOND, our partner for many years, came in with its project expertise.”

Hans Boshuizen, Managing Director of Vezet

“The robust construction of the systems is absolutely unique on the market, nothing that any other manufacturer has been able to offer us comes anywhere close.”

Rodrigo Sainz Trapaga, owner of Empacadora