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SWEET TEC GmbH is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-quality specialty candies. In 2015, the factory in Boizenburg on the River Elbe was further expanded, making way for entry into the fruit gum market. This move makes SWEET TEC the fifth-largest confectionary supplier in Germany.


The fruit gum market is still one of the strongest growing sectors in confectionary. The new factory is the world's most advanced confectionery plant. In Boizenburg, around 15 tons of confectionery are produced and packed every hour. When it comes to placing the fruit gums in the packaging precisely weighed, Sweet Tec relies exclusively on MULTIPOND, the manufacturer of customized multihead weighers


A total of eight MULTIPOND weighing systems were installed in the new plant to ensure precise weighing of the fruit gums:
Type MP-1601-S5 memory weighers, type MP-22-1000-400-H 22-head weighers and type MP-28-400-400-C 28-head weighers. The fruit gums are fed to the weighing system via MULTIPOND vibration chutes. The machines were designed to weigh sugar-coated products too. As a result, various sugar depositions and dust enclosures are used. A huge advantage of the weigher design is the detectable plastic hoppers.

About Sweet Tec

As a full service manufacturer, Sweet Tec GmbH develops on around 27,000m² of production space private brand projects for commercial and industrial customers in the hard and soft caramel sectors and, from 2016, in the fruit gum sector too. This full service includes the development of product and packaging concepts, contract manufacturing and also the creation of marketing concepts.
Every day, 400 employees give their best to produce high-quality candies in one of the most advanced confectionery plants in Europe. A good 40 million candies and lollipops as well as 50 million delicious fruit gums leave the production line every day. The company has set itself the goal of being synonymous with innovation, quality and success in the future.

"We have years of experience with the systems from MULTIPOND. In total, 21 MULTIPOND weighers are now installed in our factory. There are never any problems with those systems; they are definitely among the most reliable multihead weighers we know. As we planned the new factory, the subject of multihead weighers was never an issue – going exclusively for MULTIPOND was a foregone conclusion."

Ingo Burmester, Technology Project Manager

Further references

"We have never experienced any problems with the machine. The system is easy to use and runs at maximum capacity."

Geir Borgen, TINE

"MULTIPOND has advanced in a sector where physics is about to reach its limits. It was indeed difficult to find suitable form fill seal machines that could meet these performance requirements."

Herbert Mederer, owner and Managing Director, Mederer

"One of the most important criteria for us was a fast and easy to operate weighing system. Our employees quickly become familiar with the handling and operation of the machines."

Chris Marshall, Swizzels