Low service and
spare part costs:

Tried and proven multihead weigher
from 1998

“If you buy cheap, you pay dearly”

When it comes to selecting its suppliers, Altdorfer Mühle favors regional partners. The broad-based clientele includes a number of supermarkets, other mills and industrial-scale bakeries, as well as small mill shops.


The demands on the system today are exactly the same as they were back then: Thanks to its multi-flexible design, the multihead weigher is able to weigh a highly diverse range of products, from sticky dried fruits to free-flowing products such as seeds and oat flakes, quickly and simply. It should be possible to remove all parts easily and quickly for cleaning and maintenance without the need for tools. And the system also has to be completely reliable. As a rule, very small batch sizes are processed, and a fast response is therefore required.


To be able to cover the high demand, a fully automated packaging line was installed in 1998. A MULTIPOND MP-1001-A multihead weigher, still fully operational after 20 years, is one of this line’s components. Now after 20 years, spare parts have been ordered from MULTIPOND for the first time, and even these are small parts. If we consider this one fact alone, the investment in a MULTIPOND system for Altdorfer Mühle has more than paid for itself.


The Altdorfer Mühle [Altdorf Mill], situated in Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany), was first mentioned in documents dating back to 1487. The grandfather of the current managing directors Jörg and Karl Ruthardt, acquired the mill in 1935. The brothers are taking the company into its third generation and now employ 22 people. The company’s product range includes various seeds, millet, wheat semolina, oat flakes, buckwheat and muesli, and also dried fruit such as figs, dates, apple rings and mango slices.

“We were highly satisfied with the system right from the start. No machine I know is as reliable as a multihead weigher from MULTIPOND. We have just ordered spare parts from MULTIPOND for the first time after 20 years, and even these are small parts. If we consider this one fact alone, the investment has more than paid for itself.”

Jörg Ruthhardt, Managing Director

Further references

“We have never experienced any problems with the machine. The system is easy to use and runs at maximum capacity.”

Geir Borgen, TINE

“We have been working with various multihead weigher suppliers for years. MULTIPOND will be at the very top of our list from now on.”

Massimiliano Giovannetti, Technical Manager of Madi Ventura

“The flexible and extremely powerful system runs at the highest level. MULTIPOND has been our partner for weighing technology for many decades. Many an optimization process in our final packaging process has been inspired by our fruitful and trusting cooperation.”

Bartosz Buƈko, Senior Project Manager