Different products with different characteristics require specialized weighing technology. Thanks to our long-standing know-how and core expertise in this sector, we can supply the optimum solution for each and every product.

No matter whether confectionary, cereals, frozen foods or even fresh products such as salad, we weigh your products using optimum weighing technology and place great emphasis on a unique solution tailored exactly to your special requirements.

Our MULTIPOND multihead weighers are the ideal solution in the non-food sector too.

Our core expertise comprises both the weighing technology and the process technology before and after the weighing process. From feeding the product to the weigher with cross head feeders, to weighing with multihead weighers, to reliably transferring the weighed portions to the packaging machine via so-called product transfer systems, we offer you a complete solution for your particular products.

"Everything from a single source" is an increasingly crucial requirement. Working in extremely close collaboration with other suppliers, we can also provide complete packaging lines.

Drawing on years of experience, we are able to offer a broad range of multihead weighers that are adapted specifically to customer requirements. For each customer, the perfect solution is separately developed and optimized to the product to be weighed, from confectionary to cheese to non-food products. Over 4,500 sold and successfully installed weighing systems say it all.

It will be our pleasure to provide you with one-to-one advice.

Accuracy, high performance and reliability
characterise all of our weighing systems

Second Hand Machinery

If you are looking for a second hand MULTIPOND or ATOMA weigher or have one to sell, please contact our dutch subsidiary. They can offer you interesting and inexpensive equipment.

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