A team of more than 300 employees worldwide strive to provide you with the best individual solution, tailor-made to meet your specific requirements. In production, we consciously and meticulously focus on our core competence, the quality of our weighing and dispensing equipment, as well as the process steps before and after the weigh-in, ie the supply of the product to the weigher and the safe transfer of the weighed portion to the packaging machine.

"Everything from one source" is the request we hear more and more from our customers. Therefore, in close collaboration with other suppliers, we can provide complete packaging lines without any problem.

All our systems are distinguished by
accuracy, maximum performance and reliability


Highest quality from the conception to the implementation is a binding obligation.

The quality standards in today's food industry and the conditions created by the legislation require concepts which are as intelligent as they are individual.

Influences of the ambience and temperature variations must not have the slightest influence on the weighing process.

Cleaning, maintenance and product changeover must be quick and easy.

Mechanical precision creates the condition for precise electronics. We have our own independent and comprehensive manufacturing facilities.

High quality, comprehensive service and individual approach to the customer requirements distinguishes the ATOMA-MULTIPOND group from the competitors.

Since 1996 the group has been certified according to DIN EN ISO9001.

Before a weigher leaves our premises even the smallest part has undergone inspections and function test for many hours and days. This also includes measurements of electromagnetic compatibility and interference in our own EMC chamber.


  • Our ultimate objective is to meet or exceed our customer’s requirements through a constant pursuit of innovation and improved quality.
  • MULTIPOND weighers provide the highest level of accuracy and reliability available in the industry.
  • We work closely with our customers on continuous improvement in all aspects of our design.
  • MULTIPOND designs include the latest advances in technology to provide our customers maximum return on their investment.
  • Every member of our staff, from sales to parts and service, is 100% committed to customer satisfaction.
  • We continually strive to increase our value to our customers and OEM partners.
  • MULTIPOND offers highly customized solutions for the world’s most difficult weighing applications.
  • We look forward to challenges from our customers to handle their most difficult products.
  • We are thankful for our many loyal customers and will work tirelessly to maintain their confidence.