Our many years of experience in this area include running products such as fresh cut, blanched and IQF vegetables along with sliced, whole and dried mushrooms. Our product line includes equipment to run leafy products from baby spinach to salad greens including mixed greens, shredded and chopped ready to serve products found in delicatessen and convenience food outlets.

MULTIPOND's strengths - your benefits:

  • Stepper motor driven rotary center cone system
    • Customized center cone geometry to meet the specific application requirements and improve product distribution
    • Integrated center cone load cell to accurately control bulk product on feed conveyors
  • The "intelligent" automatic feed control eliminates the need for adjustment by an operator for product condition change. Each radial reeder is automatically optimized to achieve the highest weighing efficiency based on product flow conditions
  • Special weigh hopper design - the double opening hopper flaps "bomb door" are designed for fast and clean discharge which is particularly good for depositing difficult and sticky product, thus ensuring maximum product yield is achieved
  • Product-specific surfaces of all product contact parts - perfectly matched to your unique product
  • Customized and patented product transfer systems are the basis for a perfect integration in the production process
  • High speeds and high accuracy
  • Automatic load cell spanning and calibration using certified integrated calibration weights
    • Maximum accuracy over the life of the equipment with no manual calibration required
    • Highly advanced self diagnostic capability