Applications include dry shredded products, moistened products, leafy products, ground product and whole beans. Packages ranging from single serving to bulk bags are running on MULITPOND equipment.

MULTIPOND's strengths - your benefits:

  • Maximum accuracy and up time for weights from 0.5g are guaranteed by high resolution, temperature compensated load cells from our own manufacture
  • Stepper motor driven rotary center cone system
    • Customized center cone geometry to meet the specific application requirements and improve product distribution
    • Integrated center cone load cell to accurately control bulk product on feed conveyors
  • Maximum closeness of the weigh hoppers, thus ensuring maximum accuracy
  • Special design of the infeed funnel
  • Product-specific surfaces of all product contact parts - perfectly matched to your unique product
  • High speeds and high accuracy
  • Automatic load cell spanning and calibration using certified integrated calibration weights
    • Maximum accuracy over the life of the equipment with no manual calibration required
    • Highly advanced self diagnostic capability