From whole fruit to sliced and cut fruit to fruit salads we can provide weighing systems to meet your exact requirements. Our many years of experience in this area position us to fully understand the special handling characteristics associated with these products. Our solutions include low drop units that reduce product damage and bruising. We have also provide a wide range of equipment to make complex highly controlled product mixes for these applications.

MULTIPOND's strengths - your benefits:

  • Weighing pressure-sensitive products due to production protection design of the complete weigher:
    • Low angle of inclination on the chute / funnel assembly
    • Product transfer systems which are gentle on products
  • Customized solutions for extremely pressure-sensitive kinds
  • Product-specific surfaces of all product contact parts - perfectly matched to your unique product - even the fully automatic weighing of cut fruit is no problem for us
  • High speeds and high accuracy
  • Automatic load cell spanning and calibration using certified integrated calibration weights
    • Maximum accuracy over the life of the equipment with no manual calibration required
    • Highly advanced self diagnostic capability