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Among the new developments which the ATOMA-MULTIPOND Group is showing at INTERPACK 2002 is type MP 2401-FF-S5.

The weigher which works on the principle of combining partial quantities consists of 24 weighing systems. Each weigh hopper has a fill capacity of 1 L. MP 2401 FF-S5 has been specifically designed for weighing mixtures with up to 8 separate ingredients. It can also be used as a high speed weigher which can achieve weighing speeds up to 420 weighing per minute.
A new design integrates the vibrators of all feed trays as well as the drive unit of the central distribution cone within the body of the machine. All vibrators and weighcells are individually accessible and removable. Maintenance is simple.
The proven twin-flap opening system of the weigh hoppers guarantee a clean discharge of even sticky products. A stepping motor provides exact opening of the flaps.
By using a swivelling funnel, each of the weighhoppers fills two memory hoppers positioned underneath. The computer can therefore select from 48 partial quantities.
All pre-feed, weigh and memory hoppers are made from a high quality, food grade, anti-adhesive, ice and fat repelling plastic material. This material considerably reduces noise during operation. Various stainless steel contact surfaces are available to suit differing product requirements. All hoppers and product contact parts can be removed without tools.
The 24 strain gauge weigh cells are automatically calibrated during operation.
The operating control unit can be mounted anywhere. 51 stored programmes can be accessed via the alpha-numeric keyboard. A memory card can store a further 250 programmes. Dialogue is available in different languages.
Control and monitoring of all aspects of the weigher is done by a 16/32 bit high-speed micro-computer. Statistical evaluations can be printed out, downtime and absence of products are recorded. A short time evaluation provides precise information on mean value, standard deviation and speed of the last 100 weighings. A long-term evaluation records all data from beginning to end of production. These evaluations can be printed out on either the integrated reel printer or called up on a main frame via a serial interface. Weighing tolerances required by European Weight & Measures Regulations are monitored automatically. Through Auxiliary Parameters speed, amplitude of the radial feeders, product level as well as the speed and opening times of the hoppers can be adjusted.
Should any malfunctions occur, the fault is displayed automatically and an automatic self-checking system displays remedy.
Extensive help functions and operators guide make using the weigher easy. The weigher, especially product feeding, can be monitored by video display on a colour screen.

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